Small Business Tax Credit 3

It’s been a while since I have done anything on the blog, but I’m back and we finally have some, not much but some clarification on health care reform.  I thought it best to start with something many employers might be interested in.  The Small Business Tax Credit, what is this magical tax credit you […]

He Said She Said 13

On the eve of a Senate Finance Committee vote to approve a bill, insurers have decided to finally speak up.  AHIP (American Health Insurance Plans, an association representing many insurance carriers) has released a report warning of new and higher costs for consumers, upwards of $1700 a year more for families with insurance.  Linda Douglass, spokeswoman […]

PopTart Reform, oh tort 2

Tort Reform, the question most people are asking or not asking because their afraid to admit that they don’t know.  Well don’t be, I had to dig a bit to wrap my head around it.  To start lets look at  Tort reform – noun change or alteration of laws imposing civil liability for torts […]

So What Is An Insurance Cooperative? 1

Ahhh, the insurance coop, good times or not. Many people want to know what an insurance coop is and if it will be good for small businesses. Wikipedia defines a coop as “is a cooperative entity that has the goal of providing health insurance and is also owned by the people that the organization insures. […]

About Time 65

Wow, what an address to us all.  After months of confusion and frustration by many including myself (look at the previous post about having enough.)  I stick by those comments at the time based on my own confusion reading through some of what I read.  There was nothing in the previous bill by the President […]

I’ve had it, this has gotten out of control 13

Sorry to my liberal friends, but I am done with all this nonsense.  The president, the most powerful man in the world has gone to far, the democrats have gone to far.  I’m not here to bash the democrats, but come on, is anyone in Washington telling the truth, working for their constituents or doing […]

Page 16 controversy 1

Below is all of page 16 of Americas Affordable Health Choices Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare.  The debate is whether or not you will be able to buy health coverage on or after the first effective date of coverage the same year the legislation passes.  Holy snikeys, I just read that you must go into […]

ObamaCare 1

It has been a while since I last updated this blog and I have been hearing lots of questions about the possibility of an overhaul of our nations health care system and health insurance too.  As of right now, I am collecting more data and will be glad to post on what I am coming […]

I love this blog for one plain and simple fact.  Our United States of America already has a Universal Health Care program.   Contact CMS if you think you might qualify for either Medicare or Medicaid. Check out the blog from Smart Girl Politics Share this Post[?]